Feedback for first lesson 30.08

  • I had not seen the post on It´s Learning, so I was not prepared for the activities you had set up for us. When you first told me about why we were going to do this, I felt quite nervous. I was not sure what you were throwing at us, but I started to prepare for some two-on-two talking. Luckily that was not the case.


  • During the icebreaking exercises I did feel a bit uncomfortable. Being in the center of attention is not what I like the best, so when we were sent out blindly into the circle I felt uneasy. It did help to be blind though, that way I could only imagine the reactions and faces of the other people standing in the circle. There was a pretty calm atmosphere in the room during that activity, people were laughing with each other, so I did feel happy.  During the trust exercise I felt brave, trusting two people I did not know that well. After the activities were finished I felt relieved, ensuring I had not made fool out of myself .